2022 YT1S Review: Is This Top YouTube Downloader Safe and Powerful?

Is the Google top-ranked YT1S online YouTube downloader really a good bet to use? Any virus or harmful extra here to have effect on your privacy? Get into this YT1S review to have a better understanding on this free YouTube and Facebook downloader.

2021 YT1S Review

YouTube downloader is always in badly needed for those who want to keep the online video locally as video or audio format. Since this kind of tool doesn’t require much computing knowledge and skill, plus many people simply want to move the original media file to their devices’ storage for unlimited payback, online web video downloading services are more popular than desktop apps thanks to its great convenience yet still powerful download performance.

Google search results change as time passes by, so does the ranking of online YouTube downloader. Currently, YT1S has become a starlet. It ranks top position by searching many big keywords like “YouTube downloader”, “YouTube to MP3 Downloader”, and “YouTube to MP4 downloader”. Also from the SimilarWeb’s data, the traffic of this site has increased sharply in the past several months, 3/4 of which belongs to referral type. Really a typical example of white hat SEO.

YT1S top rank and traffic

2022 YT1S Review – 4 Key Tools in Detail

When entering into the official site of YT1S, you can see four downloaders of YT1S listed right below the logo picture. They are: YouTube Downloader, YouTube to MP3, YouTube to MP4 and Facebook Downloader respectively from left to right.

YouTube Downloader: With it, you can convert and download your favorite YouTube video into (4K/1080p/720p, depending on the source) MP4, 3GP, MP3 at no cost.

YouTube to MP3: It only extract audio from YouTube into MP3 format at fixed kbps for you to download for free.

YouTube to MP4: Similarly, there’s only one MP4 YouTube video option for free download, without any option for resolution like YouTube downloader.

Facebook Downloader: It says to have ability to download Facebook video online for free. However, I’ve tried several different FB video links, all ended with an error message “Please enter your video link to search box.” (I will try some time later. If there’s any update, I will synchronize this text timely.)

How about the Price of YT1S Service? Is There Any Limit?

YT1S always claims itself as a freebie to help users download YouTube video into MP4, MP3 or other available types without any size/duration limitation or a penny. And it does as what he says.

YT1S is fully compatible with the mainstream systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Whenever you come across a funny clip, an elegant music video, a stunning scenery or gaming match, and want to save it to your PC or mobile, what you should do is only:

  1. copying and pasting the full video of target YouTube video into YT1S’s address bar
  2. then click the right hand “Convert (MP3/MP4)” button to load downloadable file option(s)
  3. get the link (only available under YouTube downloader functionality)
  4. press the green “Download” button to be directed to another site to finish the file download.
YT1S's downloadable options

Another official method to do in-YouTube download is to add “pp” after the URL’s “youtube” world and then enter into the new address to select format for further one-click download. But after real trial, the interesting thing that I found is that this method straightforwardly direct me into another famed YouTube downloader brand “y2mate.com”, but not YT1S. So what’s the relationship between they two?


Normal video url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC19kwABFwc

Downloadable video url added PP: https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=BC19kwABFwc

Is YT1S Really Safe to Use? [Core Part of YT1S Review]

Security is always the top concern for online tool users because they usually come with unexpected extras to affect your user experience or even harm your computer, which may be advertising pop-ups, risky spyware, malware, and virus.

As to YT1S site, let’s run over security related things one by one together:

  1. It’s a safe website with SSL certificate (full URL begins with HTTPS).
  2. When I run this site, my anti-virus-software-based Windows 10 computer doesn’t detect any abnormal things and alert.
  3. There’s no moving or still advertising banner or similar on either of its main pages, currently. (I see there was such ads in somewhere else and I think the webmaster removed them off site some time earlier.)
  4. (NOTE) Most of the time, when I download the analyzed media file from YouTube, YT1S automatically directs me to third-party site meanwhile the download is going on normally. And the third-party site maybe an e-commerce site, APP download page or something else I haven’t encountered yet. Luckily, until now, I didn’t click the prompted page and also didn’t find any unsafe thing from the download.
  5. Reddit has a few “is YT1S safe“ related questions. And according to the replies, no one has unpleasant experience on it. However, to ensure complete safety, many users suggest to use more acknowledged freeware like FFmpeg, youtube-dl to conduct this kind of download thing.


In short, after finishing this YT1S review post, you must know that YT1S, at present, is a relatively secure online YouTube downloader. Although it will possibly leads you to other sites, having your mouse stay away from them is always good to you. Beyond that, since downloading copyrighted YouTube content is illegal anyway, you are not suggested to do so without the content owner permit and use the downloaded file for unfair usage.



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