VoIP Call Recorder: How to Record VoIP Audio on Phone or PC?

For business or individual reasons, you may need a VoIP call recorder to keep the talking process recorded for further possible look-back or usage. Then is there any good-to-use recorder app? How to record and save VoIP voice of both sides to local storage?

Maybe the “VoIP” term is a little bit strange to you, however, you won’t not think so when you finish reading its meaning and some examples. 

VoIP literally means voice over Internet protocol. In other words, with this tech, you can directly perform audio communication on the web, without a traditional phone number and no need to call people via a phone number. You may ask, does that mean WhatsApp voice call belongs to this VoIP service? Yes, that’s exactly right and not only WhatsApp and the voice call, some other similar calling apps like FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, Dialpad, Viber, and Facebook Messanger are all  VoIP apps still. 

How to Record Such VoIP Voice or Video Call?

VoIP calls transmit the sound via Internet connection between two or more end devices. So the voice is coming from devices’ hardware. That said, to record VoIP audio is to record the hardware’s internal sound, and you can leverage any quality video/sound recorder to complete this job easily. 

Now, let’s get together to have a look at how to record VoIP calls effortlessly.

Step 1 – Choose a decent VoIP call recording service or software 

Through searching “VoIP recorder” or “video/audio recorder” on Google, you are given a large number of choices to select from, cloud-based online recorders, browser extensions, or the VoIP recording applications/software for Android/iPhone/PC etc. 

You are suggested to try at least 2-3 tools on your target device, and then you will have a brief idea on how this kind of programw work and what features are what you want most. Here I just take recording VoIP video or voice all with an open source recorder called OBS Studio for example.

Step 2 – Download, install, and launch or simply open the online service’s webpage to standby

Since I will show you with OBS Studio on Windows computer, I need to go to its official site to find 100% safe and the latest version. If you are going to do it on mobile phone, please go to app store from Apple or Google to have the app installed with clicks.

Step 3 – Start the recording before your VoIP call

Launch OBS Studio and add a scene for video or voice call. Then start the recording. If you have more setting requirements on output format, codec, path, please do it before the recording.

obs studio records voip video/audio



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