How to Screen Record on Asus Laptop? Two Easy Solutions!

Asus laptop has been shipped and used worldwide. And many users are using Asus laptop to enjoy their online time with different kinds of videos. Somehow, you may wonder how to screen record on Asus laptop on Windows in case that you want to capture some videos for further study. For different kinds of Windows versions, you can do it in a free way or turn to a third-party screen recording software. Here we will demonstrate both ways for you so that you can better understand how to record screen on Asus laptop.

how to screen record on asus laptop

How to Screen Record on Asus Laptop in a Free Way(with Game Bar)

If your Asus laptop is running Windows 10 v17763.0 or higher, you can use the built-in free screen recorder called Game Bar to make a screen recording. This is really helpful if you just need a simple recording without much editing requirements. Because for Game bar recording, you can also have the options to change the video settings including file saving folder, fps, quality, maximum video duration (up to 4 hours) or so.

game bar windows 10 settings

Step 1 – Press “Win icon + G” keyboard combination to start the Game bar control.

Step 2 – Configure parameters for the recording video on the control panel or from Settings. You are also allowed to choose what kind of audios to record, custom shortcuts and decide whether to record in background.

Game bar video recorder for Windows PC

Step 3 – Start and end the record with buttons or shortcuts. Below are the default keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 Game bar you can use during the recording.

Open Game bar: Win + G
Record that/Record last 3 min (adjustable from 15 seconds to 10 minutes): Win + Alt + G
Start/Stop recording: Win + Alt + R
Microphone one/off: Win + Alt + M
Show camera in broadcast: Win + Alt + W

So this is the guide on how to screen record on Asus laptop with Game Bar. However, there are some disadvantages from Game Bar recording. Firstly, it fulfills most of the games’ recording. However, for most of the new games, it may fail to record as it is not compatible with these new ones. 

Secondly, Game bar, when acting as a common desktop screen recorder, only works within a single app or a window and doesn’t accept the whole desktop or file explorer. 

Lastly, the maximum video recording length is four hours. If you’d like to capture on-screen activity smoothly without any region or time limit, you have to rely on third-party full-fledged screen recorder for any version of Windows like DemoCreator which is one of the best screen video recorder for PC.

How to Screen Record on Asus Laptop by Wondershare DemoCreator

Built by Wodershare, a famous multi-media software company, DemoCreator is a very easy to use screen record for Asus laptop users. Unlike Game bar, you can use DemoCreator to do any screen recording activity according to your demand. There is no region or time limited. Besides, you can have the options to encode the format of the video. This is very friendly for laptop users as they often have a small storage space.

What’s more, DemoCreator comes with a rich video editor allowing you to edit the recording videos from many aspects. You can always make your recording videos more versatile and instructive. You can follow our guide on how to screen record on Asus laptop with DemoCreator step by step below.

Step 1: Download DemoCreator and install it to your Windows system.

Step 2: After you open the DemoCreator, you can click the recording button(New Recording) to go next.

democreator main window

Step 3: From its control window, you can see that you have many parameters to set for your recordings including the recording area, input and output sound, camera and drawing tool.

democreator main window

You can have more parameters to set from its Settings like the picture below. As we know that there are lots of screen recorders out there, but most of them fail to record a video with 120 fps or encode with different qualities. DemoCreator can offer you both which really means a lot for those who have any demand on them.

democreator recording settings

Step 4: Once everything is settled down. You can either click the recording button or use the shortcuts F10 to begin the recording. During the recording, you can also use the draw tool(shortcuts: Shift+Ctrl+D) to make any annotations. You can record the video as long as you want unless you stop it manually or press F10 again to stop. Then you will have your recording video saving into your Asus laptop folder.


From this post, we bet you have learned how to screen record on Asus laptop both in a free way or using a third-party recorder. It really depends on what you ask for the video. Then you can decide which way is the best for you.



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