How to Screen Record on Lenovo Laptop? 3 Best Ways!

Lenovo Laptop’s market share always comes first these years. If you are a new user, you may wonder how to screen record on Lenovo laptop. Especially, during COVID-19 raging, it makes online communication a mainstream, be it online meeting, online education by using our laptop. Recording these activates is essential for further watching or studying. Here we will offer you a full guide with three ways to capture screen on Lenovo laptop under different situations.

How to screen record on Lenovo laptop

How to Screen Record with Lenovo Nerve Center (Sense)

If you have a Legion series Lenovo laptop, luckily, your computer comes with a free screen recorder which is built in Lenovo Nerve Center (Sense). Technically speaking, Lenovo Nerve Center is a tool for gaming as it provides a basic overview of your systems resources (CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD) with a bunch of features: LED control, network priority, audio enhancer, screen recording, etc. Screen recording from Lenovo Nerve Center is for you to record and share your gameplay activates. You may make a screen recording following below steps.

Step one: Open Lenovo Nerve Sense, under the ‘Discover’ tab, you can set the parameters for the recording from its settings, like the video quality, FPS, resolution, sound source, etc. 

how to use Lenovo Nerve Center

Step two: Press the recording button showing on the interface and start the recording.

Step three: After you finish your recording, your clips will be displayed right on the Discover interface.

how to use Lenovo Nerve Center to record

Question: What if my Lenovo laptop is not a Legion series, can I download and install Lenovo Nerve Center?

Answer: Well, it is hard to tell. Technically speaking, you can do that. But due to the different driver compatibility, you may fail to install or even fail to use the Lenovo Nerve Center. In fact, Lenovo won’t allow you to install the software officially.

How to Screen Record on Lenovo Laptop with Game Bar

Like the guide on how to screen record on Asus laptop, If your Lenovo laptop system is Windows 10 v17763.0 or higher, you can use the Windows system built-in screen recorder called Game Bar to make a screen recording freely. For Game Bar, it only has a requirement for the system build. If you happen to have a Lenovo laptop which is not in a Legion series, you may follow below steps to do the screen capturing on Windows 10.

game bar windows 10 settings

Step one: Press “Win icon + G” keyboard combination to launch the Game bar. 

Step two: Under the settings, you can choose what kind of audios to record, decide whether to record in background. At the same time, you can change the video settings including file saving folder, fps, quality, maximum video duration (up to 4 hours) or so.

Step three: Start and end the record with buttons or shortcuts on your Lenovo laptop.

Above are two free ways on how to screen record on Lenovo laptop. However, as we mentioned, there are some conditions or requirements if you want to use either Lenovo Nerve Center or game bar. Besides that, there are some more defects from them if you try to do a recording.

1. From what we found on Microsoft App store, the Lenovo Nerve Center has been stopped updates from 2017/6/7. That is to say, this software becomes outdated and unstable. You may encounter the failure of recording.

2. They are both specialized in recording gameplay which we can predicate that they are not compatible with other screen activities, like the zoom meetings, online courses, or any other video players.

3. The maximum video recording length for game bar is four hours while Lenovo Nerve Center doesn’t have a limitation. 

How to Screen Record on Lenovo Laptop with DemoCreator

Obviously, both of the Lenovo Nerve Center and game bar are not the best screen video recorder for Lenovo laptop. DemoCreator, built by Wodershare, a famous multi-media software company, is a very powerful screen recorder for Lenovo laptop users. It has no preconditions, requirements or limitations for the laptop series or system build. It works smoothly on all computers on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista. You can follow our guide on how to screen record on Lenovo laptop with DemoCreator step by step below.

Step 1: Download DemoCreator screen recorder and install it on your Lenovo Laptop.

Step 2: After you open the DemoCreator, you can click the recording button(New Recording) to go next.

How to screen record on Lenovo laptop by democreator

Step 3: You can set your recording parameters according to your need or your Lanovo laptop’s specifications. 

democreator main window

Step 4: After everything is settled down. You can either click the recording button or use the shortcuts F10 to begin the recording. You can record the video as long as you want unless you stop it manually or press F10 again to stop.


Great! This is all about how to screen record on Lenovo laptop in three different ways. We bet you should completely know which one is best for you according to your laptop series or system. If you don’t know the specifications of your laptop or you don’t want to waste your time on the failure of the recording, the 100% working out way is to use DemoCreator which we can guarantee you.



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