Online Video Downloader Review: Is It Legal & Safe? is a slick and multi-functional online video downloader, then whether it’s legal and safe to use? online video downloader review

Online video downloading services scatter here and there. For an old hand like me, online video downloader is quite a familiar name because this downloader has gained its fame for a long time. Even the Google search engine’s search results on “YouTube downloader”, “online video downloader” and alike keywords are shuffling too often, we can still see Savefrom in the top position currently, with some other new names appearing in recent years like Y1TS.

How about this 11-year-old free online downloading service? Is legal and safe to use? Let’s take a look at things related one by one below.

Features of Online Video Downloader

  • Wide support of popular sites of any kind:, laterly I called it SaveFrom, mainly focuses on downloading media file from mainstream video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and TikTok, social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, audio distribution platforms like Soundcloud, and so similar. Currently, it lists about 18 websites on the homepage. If you want to get video or audio file from any other site, you can try it still to see whether it’s able to analyse the file successfully.
  • Multiple downloadable formats/resolutions/sizes for you: SaveFrom online video downloader, according to the media source, may deliver different download options for you to choose, say MP4, WEBM, 3GP, MP3 in SQ, (720p) HD, (1080p) Full HD and (4K/8K) UHD. That said, as long as there’re such available options in the site’s media library, you are most probably be given options here, including extracting audio from YouTube video.
  • Three availables ways to use SaveFrom: SaveFrom offers three possibles ways to download the target video or audio more conveniently: 1. download it from its official website via file’s full address; 2. download it from the exact file’s page via SaveFrom’s browser extension; 3. download it by simply adding certain “command letters” inside the video URL, without any extention installed in advance.
  • Translated into 19 languages besides English: That’s what a mature worldwide video downloader service should do. And better than many other competitors, SaveFrom, born with English in the very beginning, is localized into 19 other widely-spoken languages including French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.

Is Video Downloader Legal and Safe to Use?

Whether it’s legal or not to download online video? Well, it’s a big topic that’s hard to give a one-sentence answer. Many people claim it’s illegal to download online video, no matter your tool is or any other online service, desktop app, Chrome extension and you are lived in the US, Australia, UK etc. That’s because the copyright law has dictated that “it is illegal to make a copy of content if you do not have the permission of the copyright owner”. But the truth is, if you only get the video downloaded for personal nonprofit usage, nobody knows or cares about your downloading behavior. Even those online downloaders hurt the interests of certain artist, organization, or industry, it’s the downloader service provider that would be the to target to crack down, but not any common customer.

Here’s the case: since being under heavy attacks by some US copyright holders, SaveFrom discontined its free downloading service in the US since April 28, 2020.

As to whether SaveFrom is safe, according to the official statement, its safety is confirmed by well-known website safety checker plugin from Norton called Norton™ Safe Web/NSW. Although it seems such safety verrification is convincing, you still need to take care and do not clicking anything else that has no business with SaveFrom and download requirement, such as the possible extra ads from this site, redirecting non-savefrom site and so forth.

How to Download Video with [3 Ways]

  1. Download (YouTube or other site’s) video/music by directly copying and pasting the full URL into the address bar on Savefrom’s homepage -> pick the format/resolution/size you prefer to download immediately.
  2. Install helper onto your browser -> whenever you are waching or listening something you’d like to download from the savefrom supported sites, do click the related download button to choose and download
  3. Add “ss” to the YouTube video URL after “https://” to go on download in seconds. If you want to download video or music from other sites, do add “” or “” before the “http”, and then press Enter to move on.



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