Screen Recorder Windows 11: Is There Any Difference and Improvement?​

New update: Windows 11 is now confirmed to be available on October 5.

Windows 11, launched in June’s Microsoft event, is just around the corner. Since it’s expected to be fully released in the coming holiday this year, most probably in October, is there any upgrade or say improvements on screencasting?

Screen Recorder Windows 11

The Launch of Windows 11

It’s been 6 years since the last release of MS operation system – Windows 10. In recent years, there are many rumors on the next generation of Windows and the names mainly lie in “Windows 11” and “Windows X“. On the day of June 24, 2021, Windows 11 was officially announced and it’s predicted for a full rollout officially in Automn this year. Now Windows 11 beta (specifically Insider Preview) is  available here for everyone, especially the tech geeks, to experience  the new OS by themselves. If the hardware of your PC meets the requirements of Windows 11, then you can free download Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.168 for further testing.

No New In-built Screen Recorder for Windows 11, Game Bar Still

Speaking of screen recorder for Windows 11, from the current details, there’s no obviously change or update on Game bar – the in-system screen video creator introduced since Windows 10 version 18362.0 in 2018. By simply typing “Win icon + G” shortcut on the keyboard, you can open the tool up and then go on the the next step.

How about the Xbox Game Bar’s performance on Windows 11 beta? Some real feedbacks are gathered here for some references/

  1. According to the Game Bar reports from Windows Report: New Windows 11 doesn’t work so perfectly with Game bar because there’are not only some system bugs preventing Game Bar from working at its best, such as Game Bar not working/doesn’t record everything, but also the game-bar-disable-option is gone from  system settings.
  2. A user  asked a question on a Xbox related forum that “No things working in Xbox Game Bar“, telling his Game Bar’s icon are grayed out problem after moving up to Windows 11. An independent Advisor suggested him to disable and enable this funcion, however, there’s no such setting at all, at least for the beta version now. That said, if the recording mission is quite in a hurry, it’s better to try some other screen recording software for PC.

From all the information on the web, there’s nothing else on Windows 11’s interneal screen recorder, unless the removal of turn-on-and-off chance in the Insider beta version.

Windows 10's Game Bar - Turn on/off button

And still, it doesn’t mean the final official realease of Windows 11 will remain the same because there’s no clue that whether the minor adjustment is meant to be, or just a little bug that will be fixed in the coming days. Let’s just wait an see.

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