Techsmith Snagit 2022 Review, Price & Tutorial for PC/Mac

Snagit from TechSmith, enjoyed by numerous presentation makers, coworkers, business partners and the general public, is undoubtedly one the best screen capture tools in the market now. If you are not so familiar with this desktop software and want to know better on it, this Snagit 2022 review and user guide post comes in handy to figure everything you want to know out.

Snagit 2022 – A Really Easy and Powerful Screen Capture Tool

To start with, you are informed that although Snagit can act as both screenshot creator and screen video maker, however, as the one focusing more on screen image production, it’s more recommended to those who have many requirements on screen capture and editing, but not to those who simply do screen recording frequently. That’s because, for screencasting users, there are a lot of cheaper and more versatile choices such as Bandicam, Icecream Screen Recorder, Debut Video Capture Software and FlashBack Pro. Also, Techsmith has developed another advanced video recorder and editor called Camtasia to fulfill such complex screen video recording demands.

Get back to the point, now let’s review Techsmith Snagit 2022 version from the several aspects as usual.

1. Main/Key Features

To put things easily, Snagit mainly has four core functionality:

Image Capture: It not only enables users to make screen picture from any manually selected region, fixed or scrolling window, full screen, panoramic, text or do many other advanced selections, but also give user ability to pre-apply basic image effect regarding border, filter, shadow, capture information and so on by default so that there’s no need to do editing work at all after pic shooting.

Video Recording: Screencasting goes easier than screen image capture because there are only two options for selection – region and window. However, user can flexibly add webcam facecam and turn on cursor, microphone and system audio capture at the same time to do more vivid presentation, explanation or video guide.


File Editor: This editor is especially tailored for polishing screenshot files. Specifically, beside the basic image effect and share destinations embedded in capture settings, you are empowered to modify the photo by cropping, cutting, resizing,  blurring, highlighting, using tools to insert step icons, shapes, callout annotations, any style texts, stumps and many more looking effects in clicks. Better still, Snagit is equipped with practical template with which you can make image or video message out of images and text in a breeze.

File Sharing: When you work out the screen image, video or GIF files with Snagit, you are given access to internally share them to up to 15 destinations for anyone and any purpose, be it MS office suite, Google Drive/Dropbox cloud space, gmail, YouTube, Twitter social, Slack community platform, file explorer, or Techsmith family including Camtasia, Screencast and Knowmia.

2. Price

Snagit, available for both Windows and macOS, now provides purchase plans for individual, business, education, goverment & non-profic and upgrade respectively. Most customers and editors take Snagit’s price quite expensive, is it true? You will have your own answer to this question.

  • Snagit 2021 lifetime license pricing for individual plan: $49.99
  • Snagit 2021 + 2022 upgrade maintenance: $62.48
  • Snagit 2021 lifetime license pricing for business plan: $49.99 (for 1-4) | $39.46 (for 5-9) | $34.94 (for 10-24) etc.
  • Snagit 2021 lifetime license pricing for education plan: $29.99 (for 1-4) | $23.66 (for 5-9) | $20.97 (for 10-24) etc.
  • Snagit 2021 lifetime license pricing for goverment & non-profic plan: $42.99 (for 1-4) | $33.93 (for 5-9) | $30.07 (for 10-24) etc.
  • Snagit 2021 individual upgrade price: $34.99
  • Snagit 2021 education upgrade price: $20.99

Yep, whenever you purchase the Snagit, you can only enjoy the current year’s version. If you want upgrade it to another one, e.g from 2021 to future 2012 version, you will have to pay another one-year $12.49 Maintenance“, with which further support priority and Snagit Certification course are given to you simultaneously. Thus the company delivers the second $62.48 Snagit + 2022 purchase plan.

What’s more, a $274 Snagit plus Camtasia bundle is offered to those who want the two excellent products at one time, saving about $24 comparing to buying them separately.  

3. Pros and Cons Conclusion

By combining the various real Snagit reviews and my own usage experience, I rounded up the following typical advantages and disadvantages of this fresh-new Snagit.


– All-in-one screen capture and editing software

– Super quick and simple to product high-quality & pro-looking documentary, training, communication image and video

– Panoramic scrolling image capture

– Smartly predict the target screen capture area

– Preloaded with feature-rich image editor and image-to-video templates

– Exports to cloud storage

– Built-in GIF maker


– Expensive

– No free upgrades

– Video recording and editing are too basic

– Sometimes not working well with multi-screens, IE browser

4. How to Use Snagit on Windows or macOS [3 Simple Steps]

For any marketer, beginner-desinger, educator or so, Snagit is an ideal program to document what happened on computer monitor and turn the plain multimedia file into informal message and instructional material. Now let’s take a general look at the three steps on how to use Snagit 2022. Please firstly free download it and accomplish the setup.

FREE DOWNLOAD Snagit for Windows

FREE DOWNLOAD Snagit for Mac

Step 1. Do settings and start capture the target area or say content

Launch Snagit and choose the right capture mode on the small main control. You can check the default settings on Selection, Share and so forth to see if it meets your needs. If not, you can manually adjust them to avoid repeat capture.

When everything’s OK, press “Capture” button or related shortcut to confirm the section with mouse to go ahead the capture process.

If you are doing screen video recording, you need to click another red “Record” button again to initiate the process, during which pause and resume is doable at any time.

Step 2. End the capture to load the file into editor

As for screen image capture, as long as you finish the selection, it’s done and the picture will be loaded into editor in a flash. While as for screencasting, you should tap “stop recording” to give it to an end and navigate to editor to proceed.

Step 3. Edit, save and share if necessary

In the Snagit’s integrated editor, it’s totally up to you to do edits or not by using those dozens of tools located on the toolbar. If there’s no such requirement, do simply click File -> Save or Save as to instantly preserve the file onto your local hard drive at desired color and quality (by clicking Option on the saving dialog box to do so). Also, Share drop down list includes all possible file sharing places you can reach.

Take a note that Snagit editor is available to use independently, which means any other images or videos can be input into it for further edits for totally free.

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