2022 Bandicam Screen Recorder Review: Features, Downloads & Cost

Bandicam is really a great desktop application  for screen recording on Windows (11/10/8/7) PC! If you are still lost  in whether to use it or not, this all-sided Bandicam screen recorder review of 2022 will do you a great favor.

Screencasting has become a necessary skill for most computer users to improve the communication efficiency, to keep crucial moments locally forever, and also to create something educational or special by oneself easily. That makes the various screen recorder tools scattering here and there, be it web-based service, browser-integrated extension, or standalone program. 

Generally, since desktop apps are far more flexible and powerful than the other competitors, this post is especially written for one of the best screen video recorders in 2022 – Bandicam, reviewing its core features detailedly for all screen video producers in demand. Beyond that, we also give the free download trial links of recent versions, provide a simple user guide and still offer an official purchase entrance, with which we can earn little affiliate commision for better further work.

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3 Core Capture Modes of Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam is regarded as the most advanced screen recording application for Windows PC thanks to its truly powerful functionality and various setting options for any occasion. We have to say, with over a dozen of years’ development and upgrades, Bandicam company has already made its unique screencasting product to the first-level. To meet Bandicam’s users’ further basic editing requirements, it also releases an easy video editor called Bandicut. Now let’s get together to take a look at Bandicam’s feature details.

– Screen Recording Mode to Capture Everything on PC Monitor at Will

No matter what happens on the desktop, say certain app/error-fixing operation, (PowerPoint) presentation, YouTube live streaming web movie, virtual meeting/webinar, real-time chatting and many more, you can leverage this mode of Bandicam to make video out of these behaviors into MP4/AVI at any quality or size you prefer. 

Ready-made options are given in this mode for capturing specific area, around-mouse area defining, as well as the entire screen. If you are working with multiple monitors, you can either catch any display or them simultaneously as you like.

Bandicam Three Record Modes

– Game Recording Mode to Save Hot Games at Up to 480fps

Gamers will love Bandicam screen recorder for its perfect support of any mainstream 2D/3D games using either DirectX, OpenGL or Vulkan tech, which is superior to many products of the same category in the market because they are mostly only friendly to DirectX-based games. With Bandicam, any avid gamer is able to produce highlight, walkthrough or other gaming clips for Minecraft, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch, PUBG, World of Warcraft, and so forth without hassle while showcasing the FPS, even your webcam and voice, in real time. 

High FPS support is one of the typical features of Bandicam because general screencasting apps only accept 60 or 120fps at most, which may degrade the video quality of output recording. However, since game recording requires higher-quality software and hardware to process the data. If your computer is not so high-end and comes across a lagging/freezing problem, do use Bandicam’s “Low-end PC” presets for smooth capture.

– Device Recording Mode to Recognize and Grab Webcam, Gaming Console, Mobile, TV etc.

This is another core function of Bandicam due to most competitors not designed with it at all. Specifically, not only external Webcam, but also a series of other video devices connected to the computer via HDMI/MHL cable are supported by this screen recorder, for example Xbos/PS gaming console, iOS/Android mobiles, and HDTV/Apple TV set-top box. But a capture card is the must-have if you are ready to create screen video of those non-webcam external devices.

Screen Recording Settings, Bandicam Has The Possible All

To help users produce more pro-looking and informational screen video at one go, Bandicam screen recorder allows you to add facecam overlay into screen video, mix Mic voice with the movements, outline video content with the drawing tool, apply mouse click  to highlight key operations, and create a  chroma key (webcam) video with other background easily.

Recording settings deliver more settings on above mentioned aspects like target capture sound, webcam, mouse effect, logo, text and recording priority options

Besides that, another over 10 most commonly used video presets are ready-made and preloaded here to have the beginner experience real one-click recording screen video to under varying situations and demands, such as recording on low-end PC, recording video for uploading onto YouTube/Twitter, for watching on mobile devices, for editing with video editor, for inserting into PowerPoint slides, for a smaller half size, for high-quality 60fps etc.

Bandicam Presets for Video Recording

If you are an advanced video producer and are quite familiar with video parameters, you can access to Format settings to confirm video file type, fine tune the video size/fps/codec/quality and audio codec/bitrate/channels/frequency to balance everything you want.

Bandicam’s Two Downloads for All Windows Systems

Bandicam is now upgraded into version 5, with the latest download link available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10: https://www.bandicam.com/downloads/ing/. No separate downloads for 32 and 64 bit PC, so regardless of your bit number, simply get the file from the same link.

For Windows XP, the older v2.3.1’s download link is the only choice:


Bandicam Review – Pricing Plans for Any PC Number

All users have to know that Bandicam screen recorder only gives one-time lifetime license purchase options for general customers while no such weekly, monthly or yearly purchase plans that many other products offer. It’s actually more recommended for a frequent screen video/image maker. Below are the details:

Price for 1-PC license: $39.95

Price for 2-PC license: $59.96

Price for Bandicam + Bandicut (editor): $60.95

Upgrade the license (for 1 more PC): $27.97

Note: Considering there are possibly massive orders need for business or education, Bandicam now releases both cheaper annual and lifetime licenses to cater to those with different budgets.

It goes to an end of this Bandicam review of 2022, I believe you must have a general understanding of Bandicam screen recorder better. It’s really a good bet for both daily basic screen capture or delicated game capture, conference recording, video tutorial creation (live) streaming documentary. You should have such versatile tool to make things easier and professional than ever.



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