How to Record Slideshow Video from PPT, Keynote, Google Slides etc. Flexibly

Many educators and marketers get used to doing live presentation with slideshow. And sometimes they need to pre-record the presentation video for unlimited playback locally or sharing online. Although common slideshow making programs more or less are equipped with recording capability, it’s so plain and easy that advanced users will have to seek help from other dedicated slideshow recorder to have the recording more customizable, say defining the file format/size, adding narration, webcam and more visual effects…

Demonstrating the ready-made slideshow is the most convenient way to do presentation nowadays. However, in some cases, the presenter needs to share his or her knowledgeable, educational, or simply reporting slideshow by producing a video in advance, so as to this piece of video can be uploaded on the web or sent to a lot of people for better unrestricted (online or offline) watching. At this time, to record the slideshow has become a must-do.

How to Record Slideshow on PC/Mac

There are many handy slideshow maker names, such as MS PowerPoint/Free Slideshow Maker & Video Editor, Apple Keynote, Adobe Spark, Google Slides and so on, the majority of which do features capturing on-going slideshow action. However, such embedded slideshow usually has basic screencasting feature and can’t fulfill various complex requirements, such as:
– adding voiceover simutaneously
– inserting facecam image in the bottom corner
– displaying mouse pointer during slideshow recording
– self-defining the video file size and format…

Thus, it’s suggested to record slideshow with 3rd-party screen recording software.

Below I will show you how to record slideshow on Windows or macOS based computer with two easy popular best screen recorders respectively. You can pick any as you prefer.

How to Record Slideshow with Desktop DemoCreator App

Available System: Windows 10/8 (.1)/7/XP, macOS 10.13 or above

Wondershare DemoCreator, formerly known as Wondershare Fscn, is a very easy while feature-packed desktop screen recorder that’s friendly to all beginner users. It not only gives one-click screen recording solution for any activity capture happening on computer with audio and webcam (if necessary), say demonstration, video tutorial, online course, and video game, but also is embedded with many other handy tools to make the video more pro-looking, for instance real-time drawing tool, a series of annotation options, as well as feature-rich yet simplified built-in video editor.

As to record slideshow video on computer, Wondershare DemoCreator works well with any online or desktop slide show creator program. Now you can free downloaded and installed it to enjoy a hassle-free slideshow capture by following the steps below:

Step 1. Open the ready-made slideshow with related app like MS PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote. If you simply want to achieve a photo slideshow via system-integrated photo app and save the image slideshow as a video, navigate to the target photo folder to proceed.

Step 2. Open Wondershare DemoCreator, click New Recording and then select the target area to record. For the first time of usage, a “Record User Guide” windows will pop up for you to get familiar with its workflow beforehand.

democreator main window

Step 3. Confirm capture settings on the main UI, including Recoding mode, recording area/size, whether to enable any Recording Device (mic/webcam/system mic) and the Screen Drawing Tool or not. For more advanced settings like frame rate, file saving directory, encode method and shotcut, please hit the setting ion on the top right menu to do so.

Wondershare Democreator FPS Setting

Step 4. When everything is well prepared, you should play the slideshow (in full screen maybe) and have DemoCreator start recording at the same time. In case the very beginning is not fully recorded, you are suggested to make screen recorder work first and then play the slideshow with shotcuts. Don’t be afried to have unnecessary moments recorded, becaust after recording, the integrated editor is capable of cutting the unwanted part off in clicks.

DemoCreator start recording slideshow

Step 5. Draw (if you have such requirement and also turn this function on before video shooting) and end the capture when the slideshow is over. After that, the video will beloaded into editor to enable you do more edits, e.g. changing playback speed, cropping, and applying eye-catching visual effect.

Editor of DemoCreator

Step6. Click Export to output video as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP3 or GIF format. Also, it’s available to sign in an YouTube account and share the perfect video onto YouTube with desired title, description, quality, tag, category and pivacy setting.

How to Record Slideshow with Chrome Plug-in Loom

Available System: Any system running Chrome browser

Browser extension makes it quite simple to do slideshow recording both from the web page or desktop. And Loom is just the most recommended plug-in for Chrome thanks to its free recording service (5-min limitation now) and still the free cloud storage space (keep up to 25 clips in total).  

Loom, like other similar products do, features recording the entire screen, an app and any running Chrome tab. Plus the further cost-free service for video editing & link sharing, it’ regarded by work staff, online educatior and the general public as a perfect product solution for quick slideshow capture (with webcam/voice) and sharing. 

Now let’s see how Loom records (PowerPoint) slideshow into MP4.

Step 1. Download, intall and enable Loom on your Chrome. To use it, you should sign up an account and make a login. Absolutely, available and stable internet connection is a must-have to ensure a succesful capture with such online service.

Download Link:

Step 2. Run  the slideshow player app. Only when it’s launched could Loom recogonize it and do capture.

Step 3. Click Loom icon on browser to pop up its main control and confirm the settings for the recording. Please give it the permission to access your webcam if you want to add webcam overlay into slideshow. 

Pick “Screen Only” or “Screen and Camera“, select “Full Desktop” or “Current Tab”, and enable or disable the microphone sound according to your real situation.

Loom screen recorder for Chrome

Step 4. Click “Start Recording” to select and confirm the screen area to share. Here full desktop, any application window and Chrome tab are listed for you to choose. You start the recoding and then play slides to avoid any content missing in the beginning. 

Step 5. When the slideshow is finished, hit “Stop sharing” in the bottom to process and load you the fina MP4-formated recording.  Loom lets you play it directly online in normal or fastened speed, trim it, share it to friends, colleagues, students or so with only a link, and still save it to local space from the online Personal Library.

Note:  If the slideshow presentation exceeds 2 hours with no other operation or confirmation on the screen, Loom will stope the file sharing and recording then. 

Final Words

Making video presentation, especiall by recording slideshow, has become more popular than before, no matter for business promotion/communication, training or moment sharing purpose. If you are a frequent slideshow video maker who are bound to record slideshow from time to time while disappointed with slideshow maker’s internal recorder, picking a third-party powerful screen recorder is a great way to guarantee both of the quality and productivity.



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