How to Capture Screen Video on Windows 10[2 Easy Ways]

After the “death” of Windows 7, the new-standard Windows 10 hit its one-billion-user milestone, dominating the desktop operation system by owning over 50% market share. Are you one of the contributors who have just switched up to Windows 10 in the last months? Or you are an avid Windows 10 user and only come across some screen video capture requirements recently, be it a common desktop capture, an online streaming capture, or a webcam capture.

Whatever the case is, you’ve come to the right place, because from this post will deliver both the detailed guide on how to capture screen video on Windows 10 and the tricks on how to select an appropriately screen recording application for yourself. 

How to Capture Screen Video on Windows​

How to Capture Screen Video on Windows 10 Without Download

Generally, nearly all recent operation systems and mainstream communication apps are built in with screen capture related capability. So does Windows 10 from Microsoft. Without any download, Windows 10 users are empowered to create screenshots with its system attachment Snip & Sketch and make game or app screencasts with internal Game Bar tool.

Step 1 – Get your target content ready for recording, such as a video game, an office file, an communication APP etc.

Step 2 – After that, call for this born-with-system Game bar. It is easy to access and handle. By simply pressing Win + Alt + R on the keyboard, you can straightforward start the screen recording mission immediately. To turn on or off the microphone, “Win + Alt + M” is the shortcut to go.

Game bar video recorder for Windows PC

Step 3 – When the gameplay or presentation is over, type “Win + Alt + R” again to stop the capture process.

Where to do settings for Game bar capture?
If you want to customize what audio to take alongside, press Win + G to pop up the floating interface to do so. What’s more, you can also navigate to the system Settings -> Gaming -> Game bar or Capture section to do more changes for shortcuts, capture quality, frame rate, video length (4 hours at most), audio volume and similar.

Limitation of Game Bar
Firstly, the minimum Windows 10 version must be v17763.0. Secondly, game bar is convenient for one-click video screen capture on Windows 10. But it lacks some basic while crucial features like full screen recording, selecting recording range, file explorer/Weather/Maps capture, and recording screen with webcam simultaneously. So for users who have such requirements or desire for more a more versatile recorder, it’s a wise choice to find some Game bar alternatives.

How to Screen Video Capture Windows 10 More Flexibly

To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools. And to make a high quality screencast on Windows 10, a quality screen recorder is a must-have. To make any Windows 10 user a skilled screencast producer, a piece of handy screen recording software is just enough. Thus, you can instantly start the screen video capture without taking any course or watching any online tutorial in advance. Now let’s get together to see how to capture video screen on Windows 10 with standalone recorder software.

STEP 1 – Choose a Screen Recorder

Check out some key factors that many affect your final software choosing. If you have all the things in mind or are tired of these theory stuffs, you can directly move on the next step, where full-fledged screen video capture software is taken as demonstration.

System Compatibility

● Before picking the most suitable tool out, the first priority you should take into consideration is the system compatibility. That’s because there are many decent free or open source screen recorders for Windows, while some of which haven’t been updated for a long time. So in case you may get recording problem with them on Win10, you are suggested to leave those officially claimed Windows 10 unfriendly utilities out.

Record Capability

● Then it comes to the recording capability. Modern screencasting applications embrace well on recording screen region at will. And the difference lies in the preloaded recording modes or profiles, for instance full screen/window/custom area recording options, the ability to mix Webcam/system sound/microphone (e.g record PIP slideshow video), ready-made mainstream sizes or formats for PC or mobile playback (e.g. 1920 * 1080 MP4), and the ability to remember last history recorded area.

Settings and Edits

● The third and also last thing goes to the advanced settings and tools. It matters a lot if you are willing to decide the video capture quality and obtain an eye-catching footage with more effects like picture-in-picture frame, annotated highlights or explanations, mouse cursor movement with click sound, self-style watermark. Some screen recorders give users the power to decorate video before or during recording while some embed these kinds of things in its bundled editor.

For beginners: Set aside video length, there are several main parameters that have influence on video quality: video resolution, bit rate, and frame rate. Yes, it means as long as the software has such settings, you can adjust the capture quality in a breeze. Container format or encoding codec are not big deals unless you have specific need of them.

Here EZvid , DemoCreator and Bandicam are our top recommendations for users of different demands. EZvid is a totally free tool for outputting 45 video recording with no watermark. Built by Wodershare, a famous multi-media software company, DemoCreator is a very easy to use screen recorder as we have shared you with how to screen record on Asus laptop with it. As for Bandicam, it is a best screen recorder for low-end PC.

STEP 2 – Get Ready for Your Capture

Free download screencasting software like DemeCreator onto your Windows 10 and finish the installation.

Then brace yourself for the upcoming capture. For plain (live) streaming or game capture, do open the web, app or game to standby. For desktop how-to video, test the how-to workflow roughly just in case some unexpected error happens during the capture. For more complicated and professional-looking vlog videos, you’d better plan your content structure in detail or narration material beforehand so that you can complete the casting at one time.

STEP 3 – Start Windows 10 Video Screen Capture

Here we go. When the preparation is done, you can launch DemoCreator and choose a proper recording mode to go ahead:

settings for democreator

● Full Screen, as the name hints, is responsible for grabbing the whole desktop, internal system sound and microphone included. You are also free to display webcam for picture-in-picture visual effect.
● Custom Size is able to select any region as the capture goal, be it an app, a rectangle or square section, a browser/tab, or any other sizes. DemoCreator also allows you to adjust the size by exact numbers.
● Recording Camera is capable of recognizing any integrated or external front camera sources and gives you the right to film any one at 1080p, 720p or lower resolution with audio.
● Audio Option is an extra capture mode which allows users to save the audio coming from computer or not.

democreator main window

Many other pre-settings associated with format, quality, frame rate, and audio volume are all available from the settings window. 

After settings, please rush out and hit Recording button or press the hotkeys F10 to start the capture. During the process, real-time annotations are easy to realize.

STEP 4 – Stop and Polish the Screencast

When your capture is finished, click the red button or utilize the hotkeys F10 to stop the recording. A recording editor window will show up where you can play, edit, delete and export right away. Common screen recorders are not so good at high-standard editing, so the post-production is badly needed.

Final Words

These are two easy ways about how to capture screen video on Windows 10. You may find out that it is really depends on how your exact requirements about the recording. If you just need a simple recording, the Windows built-in recorder will be enough. However, if you need more than that, DemoCreator, which we highly recommend, is definitely  an option you should give it a try.

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