Best Screen Recorder for Low-end PC to Record Game etc. with No/Less Lag

All computers are able to make screen video once theres a handy screen recording program. But you may find that doing screencast on your low-end PC is really hard because from the very beginning or at any time during screen recording, you are possible to come across the laggy and freezing problem. Is there any best screen recorder for low-end PC?

Many people take screencasting a great way to share special, informal and interesting moments happening on computer to others locally or online. And any of the best screen video recorders can help complete the task easily in clicks thanks to their mature user-friendly performance and operation. However, the truth is when you get down to the video recording, especially on low-end PC, there are various annoying problems such as “the target screen recorder has no version for my antiquated system version“ and most importantly “the screen recorder makes computer running with lags all the time/from time to time”.

Screen recorder for low-end PC

Is there any best screen recorder for low-end PC especially?

Actually there are some good lightweight or flexible bets to recommend for shooting screen video internally on poor computer. But no one can ensure you a 100% smooth recording process because various factors affect the real performance. Try the following low-end PC friendly screen recorders anyway before you have time to do other efforts.

Best Screen Recorder for Low-end PC – Bandicam

Bandicam is a very popular and mainstream screen recording application for Windows (10/8/7) PC user. It’s not only a piece of feature-rich software being embedded with screen, game and device recording modes, but also preloaded with a dozen of widely-used presets (Low-end PC included) and many other advanced capture settings.

Free download bandicam for low end pc

Now you can free download it and have a try on this best recording software for low end PC. When you get it installed on your Windows 10/8/7 PC, you can launch it and leverage its ready-made preset for low-end PC screen capture. To select this option, you should navigate to Video control panel and then click Presets to pop up all of the possible choices.

Considering beginners usually have no idea on how to do settings for doing screencast on Low-end PC, Bandicam has configured well on every aspects including file format and many other parameter values.

Bandicam low end pc preset option

Low-end PC Preset Details:

File Type/Format: AVI
Video: Half Size | 15FPS | Motion JPEG Codec | 80 Quality Level
Audio: PCM Codec | Stereo Channels | 48000 Hz Frequency

Bandicam parameter settings for low end PC

Best Screen Recorder for Low-end PC, Some Frequently Asked Question You Should Know

1. What makes Bandicam the best screen recording software for low-end PC?

Doing screen video recording is such a source-intensive task that once the PC configuration, the real task running status and so similar don’t keep up with the normal pace, the screen recording process, or even PC becomes freezing and stuttering, resulting in a forced end of recording or reboot of computer.

Actually, owining the best screen recorder for low-end PC doesn’t mean there’s no problem during screencasting at all, but a relatively smooher recording guaranteed by lowering the quality requirement and easing the burden of hardware, especially CPU. That’s exactly what Bandicam does to it to be a good bet for low-end PC. One one hand, it’s preloaded a low-end PC setting off the rack, which is super friendly to newbies and most of the similar products don’t have. On the other hand, Bandicam is really a sersatile screen recorder to achive any commonly screen recording needs at will.

2. Is there any other recommendation besides Bandicam?

Of course there is. Drawing from real user feedbacks, lightweight Dxtory, Fraps, FBX (for game capture), and MSI are some good choices too. If you are running Windows 10, system-integrated Game Bar can also be taken into considertioan.

Note: Even with the claimed “best tools”, there could still be some lagging and fps drop issues during screen recording. That’s actually nothing special because nobody can ensure you a totally high-quality and fluent screen recording on computer, not to mention on low-end machine. And the only way to make it better is to master some PC knacks like boosting the system with dedicated software, altering some default system settings or even do a hardware upgrade.

3. How do I self-define the software settings for a lag-less or lag-free screen recording?

Just like what Bandicam does, you are suggested to relieve the data procesing burden of computer by reducing the file size of recording. Since the file size of video is mainly determined by video resolution, video codec, video bitrate, video frame rate, video format and also those of audio alongside, regardless of screencasting software you use, you can simply navigate to those media parameter settings and lower their value or say ulitilze the codec with better compression ratio to make the final video smaller, which in the same time gives a smoother recording in reture.


I just list some lightweight or simple-for-beginner screen recorders for low-end PC in this article. Hope you can try the top-pick Bandicam or other alternatives with the tricks I came up with to make your screen recording experience much better. If you failed anyway, don’t feel depressed and just go ahead to level up your computer or find another high-end PC to complete the same task easily.



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